Beginner need advice

2022.01.18 21:40 SirHipster05 Beginner need advice

Hey, im a complete beginner in crypto I’ve never invested and I want to invest something like a 100$ just to see what will happen I plan on long term holding and idk what to use. What would be my best (app) option to do that. I also would rather use as little information as possible because worst case scenario I lose 100$ worth of crypto but I don’t want my passport, bank account, driver license, etc, to get leaked. Hope I get help from y’all and not all scammers and bot spamming. I’d like to be able to just quickly check my balance and monitor my crypto without to much thinking about it.
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2022.01.18 21:40 smokeymctokerson Gang signs are a form of sign language for the mentally impaired.

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2022.01.18 21:40 SnooPoems4591 How much monthly rent do you pay by location?

What is your monthly rent/location?
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2022.01.18 21:40 BobDucca [positive] u/thomasguide

Another great trade with this user. Cards arrived quickly and safely packed. Great person to deal with!
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2022.01.18 21:40 ClassicMapleleaf240 BF4 is best always***

BF4 is so good. Been playing sense beta. 2042 is nothing like it. Why can’t DICE realize and make an other BF4 type. I will STICK to BF4 as long as it takes for them to realize that there is NO comparison. Can I get y’all to back me up right now.
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2022.01.18 21:40 Cassopeia88 [Thank You] u/peachessandtea

Thank you so u/peachessandtea for the surprise postcard! It really made my day and ut a smile on my face. I'm so happy you liked my postcards! I hope your time frees up a little bit for you so you can enjoy your hobbies.
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2022.01.18 21:40 its_shawn9 LPT Request: I need a U.S address from where mails can't be returned.

I'm trying to fund my college education by taking out federal loans(FAFSA). I'm qualified to take loans, but the thing is I need to provide 2 different address for their reference, and I have provided my parents' address, but I'm unable to provide a second address as I moved from another country and don't know anyone here. What should I do to take loans or fund my college education in other way?
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2022.01.18 21:40 Shortz45 (M 20 UK) Crafty Gaming Metal-loving history nerd here looking for someone to chat and get close with

Just after someone who just clicks with me yk, friends or whatever it doesn't matter as long as we're having a laugh and a good time.
About me: im an absolute nerd, I'm a PC gaming nerd though so that's better right? I spend the majority of my evenings sat chatting away on discord and having a laugh with friends whilst I do my own thing, sometimes I'm sat there playing one of my many steam games, the next I'm sat there painting.
I'm a really crafty person, I love weaving and sewing, costume design, leatherwork, and a fair few other things. I just absolutely love the rewarding moment when you can look back at things you've made in pride. Some of my biggest crafty achievements are costume design for the TV (ITV2 if you're British ayyy), and for a motorbike trailer.
I'm also a massive music fan, I love all kinds of music but metal has a special place in my heart, following by reggae and rap, then a little pop. I'm always open to having a chat about music and sharing songs.
I'd love to chat some more in dms and eventually call on discord! So please pop up I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
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2022.01.18 21:40 Ezio_Fe_Firenze NYU vs New York University?

Which way of referring to our school is more populastronger, NYU or New York University?
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2022.01.18 21:40 Bernitss Advice for Chimborazo/Cotopaxi 2022

So I'm planning on climbing Chimborazi and Cotopaxi this year but I'm still comapring prices for it. I just found a package that costs about 300 usd per mountain, includes guide, transportation, cambaye refugee (idk what this means), camping and permits/access.
For people that have gone there recently, is this package price attractive, cheap or expensive?
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2022.01.18 21:40 SuperFapMaster416 可怜的小e,躲在被窝里不敢出来

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2022.01.18 21:40 JJGAMER2007yt After watching the newest video I came up with a theory that Vanessa and Vanny are animatronics.

So in his newest video he made a theory that Vanessa is Elizabeth Afton. But she died, right? Yes, but Mat said Gregory is the crying child but as an animatronic, most likely built by William after his death because he was so upset by it and wanted him back. So, what if William did the same for Elizabeth after she died. He warned Elizabeth to not get near Baby because Baby was made to kill children, so he knew it would try to kill Elizabeth. But, she did get close and got killed by Baby. William was probably upset and made her as an animatronic but maybe grown up or made older looking versions, like what happened with Charlie (or Charlotte, I forgot which is her name) where there are different versions of her to represent her growing up. So Vanessa could be the adult version of Elizabeth. Now to Vanny. In the rooftop ending Freddy pushes him and Vanny off the roof, when Gregory goes down to them he takes off Vanny's mask revealing it is Vanessa, but then the game shows Vanessa, looking down at them, on the roof that is on fire. It shows that there are 2 Vanessa's. But how is this possible? Well Vanessa is an animatronic which means Vanny is one too. Vanny is probably the older or younger version of Vanessa. When Vanny was testing the vr game the glitchtrap virus most likely got into her system and so William started making her into the new "William Afton", making her start killing children while wearing a bunny suit. Vanny has a built in thing in her that makes it so animatronics can't see her unless they have the newer eyes, which Freddy doesn't have until he gets Roxy's eyes. But Freddy seems to be able to see Vanessa which means this thing that makes Vanny invisible to the older eyes wasn't built into her, unless Vanessa was built before Vanny without the thing. The glitchtrap virus gave the ability for Vanny to be invisible. If I have anything else to add I will edit this or comment. If you have any ideas or disagree please leave a reply on this.
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2022.01.18 21:40 CruelMustelidae I'm starting school and I'm a bit nervous!

Hello everyone! As the title suggests, tommorow my parents are gonna sign the papers so I can go to school in april. Its really fun and I've been looking forward to it but the problem is that I've never even stepped foot in a school before, my parents are wanderlust at heart and ever since I was young I was living in country to country but the problem is that I've never been to a school. As far as I can remember, I've only been home schooled and I'm quite nervous about enrolling in a real school where there are a ton of people my age so I'm kinda nervous and excited at the thought of it 🤭. I kinda have a tendency to feel nervous about normal things even if they aren't a problem so I came here to ask, whats school like? Is there anything I should expect? Is there some kinda super mega secret rule that I have to be aware of? Any tips on fixing my sleeping schedule? And how did you guys makes friends? I could go on and on with these questions but writing this is already too much lmao! Any story or something unexpected that happened in school would be interesting to me so feel free to say anything you want! I'll try to read everything you peeps say :)
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2022.01.18 21:40 danny999999999 Do I throw someone under the bus to fix my uni grade?

So. The title makes this sound bad, I know. I'm a third year student in England, and I had a group presentation due 2 hours ago, which we didn't hand in on time. It was with some people i worked with last year (I got kinda stuck with them because they're the only people i was 'friends' with that didn't go on placements). So there's three of us in this group, two of us had our work done days ago, but the other member of our group hadn't done anything. So he finally got his act together and had it sorted last night. We then agreed to record our presentation at 6pm to give plenty of time to refine it, and compress the video for upload. He suddenly wasn't around at 6 and so we had to put it back to 8pm starting time. Things were going alright, but then suddenly he had to answer his phone and then go to get some stuff he was having delivered which took a while. Eventually we got it all recorded, but i had to go back through and edit it because he forgot when he was meant to talk, and then messed up his lines (we each had a script to follow). And because of the 2 hour delay, then the editing time, and exporting time. We missed the deadline and now can't upload so we all get 0%. This coursework is worth 35% of my module, and I really can't afford a non-submission because I'm aiming for a first if I can (70%+)
I might have a chance at getting a grade for it, but only if I tell them what's been going on. This guy did nothing when we worked together last year, got marked down because he contributed so little, and asked to pay me to do his coursework last year. I refused and so he paid someone on the Internet to do it. Which is the only reason he's even still at uni. So this isn't like some fluke thing where he messed up.
So I don't know if its worth reporting him/telling my lecturer the issues we faced because of him. Because if i do, there's a chance I can at least get a grade for the assignment. But then he could get kicked out of uni for it, and then I'd feel terrible about it
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2022.01.18 21:39 xrka X-Sense Home Security System - A step by step tutorial to a wireless smart home security solutions

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2022.01.18 21:39 AsianBabes00 NingNing

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2022.01.18 21:39 Chernoya Mushroom looking fruit

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2022.01.18 21:39 Nice_guy_1988 Tomorrow’s carry probably…off the grid viper. What you guys think ?

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2022.01.18 21:39 Barbsrodriguez is there a difference between Reconsideration and an appeal request NF song which is the correct email address for an appeal request

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2022.01.18 21:39 GobLeGrand I'm looking for an online poker platform that allows multi-table private games (we are 16 players) HELP!

Me and my friends want to play online together, but we are 16 players! 888poker only allows 9 players game. So far, I found a site that run 11 players/1 table games. If anyone know of a platform allowing 16 players game, this would be real cool, thx!
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2022.01.18 21:39 tsccxtaoci Light weight material for aerospace. Machinable glass ceramic is best suited for low and high temperature

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2022.01.18 21:39 Sloots_and_Hoors New Boat Day!

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2022.01.18 21:39 llamango Cannot wait to crack into this

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2022.01.18 21:39 jonsnow-_- New music

New NAV music otw Nav x Vory x YungBleu
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2022.01.18 21:39 Kingofblaze5555 Idk how, but thank you DE

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