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Background Check

2022.01.18 21:37 Classic_Which Background Check

Has anyone ever actually failed a DOI background check for a temp BLM hotshot spot? I blew up some mailboxes with illegal fireworks back in like 2014 and got arrested for it and now I’m paranoid af that I’m gonna get rejected for it.
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2022.01.18 21:37 Indiantaco10 Watch4watch, like4like

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2022.01.18 21:37 katt_- Crits on these? HEART

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2022.01.18 21:37 External-Raccoon9512 Unexplained and mysterious Sound heard for 2km in thesaloniki

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2022.01.18 21:37 dAn_tHe_mAn7 What are your must have apps so far this year?

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2022.01.18 21:37 OfficialTanay SPOILER Manga Talk/Ending

So I know this has been talked about a lot since Demon Slayer ended but I can’t help myself. I’m pretty sad/disappointed with how some things went.
The pacing of the manga felt like it just exploded right after the Entertainment District Arc. Like others have previously stated, Demon Slayer was giving off a long journey type of vibe with how the setting and pacing was in season 1/first few arcs. But after that it just felt like it was rushed. We thought Tanjiro might go through a decently longer journey to maybe reach Hashira Level and refine his techniques and learn the things he did a long the way through evidence or some sort. Instead he just gained knowledge through numerous flash backs through his ancestors memories. Although Senjuro did provide Tanjiro with some info I still think the whole memory lane was a bit too much.
Tanjiro this child who was fed up with always feeling like a burden and being weak never being able to help when it counts. He wanted to grow to reach Hashira level of skill and power and instead every time we’re seeing Tanjiro on the brink of death or seriously injured trying to figure out how to use his techniques.
I think if the story was extended even if by a little like a year or so, with how fast Tanjiro can pick things up to see him refine his skills more and show how much he’s improved when he has to climb through defeating upper moons would have been so much more interesting for my Shonen heart. I’m not saying he should be the one to kill them all the way they have the Hashira fighting for themselves and giving their all is great, but maybe some more interesting fights and progression for Tanjiro so he can fight along side the Hashira at a higher level. So that maybe we don’t have two upper moons giving up essentially otherwise it would have been over before the last two volumes.
And finally the final battle and end. What the fuck… this is also something that a lot of people have talked about and why I believe there should have been more to the character building and improvements over more time. How is it this man Muzan is the king of demons and the most he can do is swing his appendages for like 1 and a half volumes. That seems so dull, the challenge was literally only his speed like everyone literally lost purely because of how fast they were. It just felt like the final battle was being rushed and I hated that there was no skill improvement for Tanjiro and even Zenitsu and Inosuke. I wanted… and I’m sure a lot of others wanted to see a crazy duel between Tanjiro eventually who has been spending his time over maybe a year or two improving his skills and taking out the upper moons you know I don’t hate the way they did but it did feel a little underwhelming that the Hashira are getting riddled down because they were exhausted from previous battles, so fast arms from muzan = un-winnable. Like Tamayo legit just carried the fight through conveniently made poison… that’s just too much for me. Demon slayer was on the right path being about slaying demons through immense training and natural talent and using breathing techniques Tanjiro had those. Tanjiro did manage to hold his own for a very short while against muzan, but that’s after he was seriously poison. It just didn’t sit right with me. Upper Moon 1’s fight is how I imagined the final fight would be but more intense but with Tanjiro taking the stage for a little longer. Instead we get Muzan turning into a big fucking baby trying to run away until he is caught until sun rise. And then there was a bit of a build up for Tanjiro to become a demon for 5 minutes then he’s saved and gg we all go home. Then there’s a time skip I guess to show how the world is after the era of demons and just majority of the people don’t believe demons were real but I guess that plays into how Tanjiro and the other Hashira thought. They didn’t care if they had to die or be forgotten as long as demons didn’t exist they were happy. It was nice to see everyone reincarnated and happy as well along with the last couple of panels showing the fun Tanjiro and others had a long the way with a nice message to end it off.
Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate demon slayer and the way they did it necessarily, I just wish they put more thought into how the most anticipated part of the show could have been executed. I do love the show and it was a great read I will be re reading it in the future and hope to see more stories like Demon Slayer’s to come.
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2022.01.18 21:37 ElGlatto94 [PC][DS1R][Help] Knight Artorias in NG+

i need help with artorias in ng+ on my caster-char. password: "Help" i'm at the fog gate
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2022.01.18 21:37 Lol33ta Flyover Sunset by BisBiswas

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2022.01.18 21:37 firefortysix The surprising sake selection at Ippudo Ramen

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2022.01.18 21:37 gigsyyy F*ck Microsoft

How many times do we have to get thru this, it's another monopoly in progress. It took them less than a year to acquire two AAA companies. Sooner or later they'll become fb/google of gaming which we will all hate.
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2022.01.18 21:37 abbiluf Am I

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2022.01.18 21:37 AstralCastreux I accidentally did a no-no to my aphrodite altar...

I didn't know the full extent of the aphrodite-psyche legend, and was unaware that psyche was associated with butterflies and put a taxidermy butterfly on the altar as a sort of offering! Should I take it off? What do I do?
I didnt start an altar for the purpose of working with her initially, but to honor her before working with her, waiting about two months before doing anything like reaching out for help with something.
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2022.01.18 21:37 Revolutionary-Ad6512 Sybil ❤ 10 weeks

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2022.01.18 21:37 pinksummergal People to play Go Stop with

Hi! I'm an incoming exchange student to Yonsei this spring and will be arriving Feb 3. I was wondering how I could find people to learn and play Go Stop with?
It's on my bucket list for Korea :)
Do only ahjummas play Go Stop?
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2022.01.18 21:37 TheLoco_Coco Long shot but any idea what color this is or suggestions for a similar color?

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2022.01.18 21:37 Comfortable-Eye-8874 I did a batch for 3 cases of beer & 3-3L boxes of wine. My earnings show heavy order pay but it isn’t applied. I chatted with 2 agents & they both told me it was included. The 2nd agent kept saying my batch incentives was $5.20 which included the heavy order pay. Has anyone else had this happen?

I did a batch for 3 cases of beer & 3-3L boxes of wine. My earnings show heavy order pay but it isn’t applied. I chatted with 2 agents & they both told me it was included. The 2nd agent kept saying my batch incentives was $5.20 which included the heavy order pay. Has anyone else had this happen? submitted by Comfortable-Eye-8874 to InstacartShoppers [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 21:37 TakenUrMom “I wanna be going to anime conventions weekly”

I want to be going to anime conventions weekly. Treat it like a pub. I want to be able to sharpen my social skills, get into fights and talk to females in cosplays. I just want that fucking experience. I'm so fucking jealous. We could even host orgies with cosplay thots in our hotel rooms.
Hello there. I'm looking for a intimate relationship with a girl who is straight, white, non-hispanic, drug and medication free. I am also in pursuit of a real life relationship where we can someday go to an anime convention. If we potentially have the same passions that is also good thing. About me, I have OCD and social anxiety. I do not use excuses for anything, I think discipline is sometimes necessary, I don't cheat my way out of things. My experience level with talking to females is around a thousand of them I have called over the few years, I've had many experiences, though I'd like to expand that into real life. I really don't judge you for anything, like I don't look into that personality trait stuff, all that matters is if you're extroverted and you are not antisocial. That'll be very great. To leave this off I'm stating things I am and am not into.
Turn offs: railing, mediocre sexual stuff, vanilla stuff, poor hygiene, immaturity, raising voice to get an argument across, clout goblin behavior, pretending your listening, telling me to wait for an example telling me the typical "three months then we can meet" is best you don't message me, declining call, ghosting, blocking, feminism, fat acceptance, animal rights activists, eating disorders, LGBT, cutters, kink shaming, daddy dom stuff, saying compared to doing, keeping a promise.
Turn ons: keeping your word, being on time, making me feel wanted, not liking me just for my face, devoting your time to me, honesty, forgiveness, creativity, messaging me first, into weird stuff. That's all I'll add.
In no way is this meant to be taken in a bad way. I find nothing wrong with having standards, preferences and what makes you happy. I am and I promise, I am the least judgmental person ever, I make mistakes, but I am always there to talk, because I am not weighed down by others. I am the only one who'll have time for you. It's not as complicated as you think. My biggest goal of this year 2022. Is to finally meet that girl who can cross that bridge. To meet in real life and go to an anime convention. I expect nothing from others. The only thing I do expect, is what I can do myself. Everything I said here is unironically true, and I am certain on what I want, these are my goals I've set. This is what brings me happiness. In no way I am adding any change to that. This is what I want. Yeah, I get ignored all the time on here, I get hate messages, I have a lot of bad stuff happen. That is the risk of doing this. But this is what it means to me. You'll never know how many tried to knock me down. How many times I've gotten back up. The only thing that matters is facing fear, going out there, and seeing what little goals I can complete. I can't say one has ever brought me happiness and taken away that feeling of loneliness but if that is possible. I would be amazed. If you cared to read this which I'm sure you probably didn't, add my Kik and Skype, if you don't have it, just make an account, it doesn't take long, doesn't ask for anything. When messaging me, introduce yourself, find my Skype and add it and make sure you let me know your goal before talking to me. MAKE SURE. I'm also anti-vax and against the health system. I know the goals are unrealistic so my ultimate goal still remains, it's going to an anime convention, if there's anyone who lives near redacted and wants to go to one someday let me know. I need to get a little out of my comfort zone and learn the ability to socialize. I want to add another trophy to my shelf before I die.
Kik: [REDACTED] (no spaces type it normally)
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Hi Allen here
As winter and the subsequent spring classes are about to begin, many of you will tend to find it difficult to find the balance school life, work life and the family time. Your girl Allen Kaylee a seasoned academic writer and a major in business management is here at your service. When hired I will ensure I be at your service ensuring that all your course assignments are submitted on time. More importantly, I guarantee quality and Top-Notch help in all your discussions, homework’s, research papers, case studies, term papers and reports. My services start at $15 per page, kindly contact me for further information.
Service Offerings
My areas of specialization include; business studies, business management, business law, commercial law, leadership management, organizational culture and studies, nursing, biological sciences, management and commerce, sports management, marketing and any other assignments requiring research skills.
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2022.01.18 21:37 Jranuary Make assumptions about me lfmfof

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2022.01.18 21:37 amelia_russel Ban ?

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2022.01.18 21:37 AGINGHIPPIE2021 Do you like my sheer lace panties showing off my sexy cheeks and little girl clitty 😘

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2022.01.18 21:37 gifters_only Join my Live Group "Late Night Funhouse🖤💋", ONLY valid for 24h.

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2022.01.18 21:37 inmoon آموزش گرفتن تیک صفحه رسمی اینستاگرام

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2022.01.18 21:37 thatbwoyChaka Christy Turlington and Eternity ain't what they used to be in the 90s but..

The fucking 90s...you had to be there maaaan!
Nostalgia and reminiscence ultimately deceive. If you googled or went on to YouTube and just typed in 'the 90s' you'd probably get a list of things that typified zeitgeist of the Nineties that were things were popular in the 90s; don't really capture the real flavour of the decade. For example you might typically see references made to 90s being:
The Spice Girls
The First Gulf War
CK One
Lumberjack shirts, destressed/ripped jeans and heavy black boots
But though all those things did in fact happen in the 90s they all seemed to repeat in time and make a longer lasting impression. No I think for what truly represent the 90s would be:
All Saints
Two Guys and a Girl (and a pizza place)
The Yugoslavian civil war
Drum n Bass
Pelle Pelle, Karl Kani and Cross Colours
and Calvin Klein Eternity
Calvin Klein admittedly 'knocked it the fuck out of the park' with CK One, it at the time changed the horizons as at the time no one was making unisex fragrances or even advertising them as such. CK One went all out to lean heavily into the androgynous nature of CK One. I cannot explain how much of a monumental cultural impact it was. I remember being 18 years old at the time of its release and watching the national news reporting on its release like it was rock star announcing a World tour or a third nipple or something. It caused a frenzy on its release (reportedly). I was the first one amongst my friends to have a bottle and for a while garnered more female attention than if I had been made of kitten, chocolate and the sensation of taking a bra at the end of the day. Aaaah!
Compare that to the release of Eternity released in 1990, the advert was just disembodied voices and a slow pan back to reveal the bottle (the black and white Christy Turlington beach whisper pretentiousness didn't come out until 1995, and still annoys the crap out of me) - what was the response - crickets.
Not one paltry fuck given.
I didn't give much attention to it either, until a friend gave me a bottle that was two thirds full. I didn't use it until I got my first "office job" working in a call centre for insurance company; that bottle lasted me two years about 18 months longer than the job. I bought another bottle and a third, I'm on my fifth bottle and I don't really care for it, I just buy the smallest bottle possible and forget about it but every once in a while come back to it. I have bought this more than any other fragrance, more than stuff I really love.
I have never repurchased CK One. not even considered it.
Why? I don't like Calvin Klein as a fragrance house; I find them really pedestrian and 'middle of the road'. They are the Huey Lewis and the News of the fragrance world, a glass of water, white-bread. Eternity is my safety blanket. As long as I have a bottle of it I will wear it; just for mooching about the house, wear it with anything, a suit, work clothes tracksuit bottoms and a faded batman t-shirt while you write over-long reviews on Reddit and watch Jasmine Harman on 'A Place in the Sun'. Any occasion fits; honestly I cannot think of one time it would not work. It's such a standard, such a safe bet, its the ex you can always go to when you're in a need of an ego boost and a fumble; you know you won't love them, you know you don't want them around all the time but for that quickie chin-chucking ego stroke they really are suited to that role; the eternal friendzoned frag.
Eternity could be called a fougere, a barbershop fougere. It resonates a familiar green, citrus wood aromatic halo of clean air around you; that you're certain you've smelt before and you have, HERE! this is what you have smelt before, its not a dupe of anything its generic AF! The top notes are all clean sharp citruses and lavender (apparently thank you Fragantica...wow, didn't know that, but ok) I get a heavy presence of something like that, but its not that heavy lavender aroma. If I cheated and looked at Fragantica at the middle notes I could say what I 'got' but I'd be lying as I have gone fairly anosmic to this and over the last 25+ this has just become 'Eternity' for me. But there's some florals and some herbaceous notes that gel, twine and work wonderfully in this; the base ...sandalwood and musk? definitely, that's all I could tell (I'll check Fragantica later and see what there is and might add the notes in later) as I am smelling it off my arm right now. There is a song (The Pharcyde - Emerald Butterfly) that I associate with the 90s but if I listen to it because I have listened to it so many times connection to a certain time or memory in the 90s is lost - but I love that song, its one of my favourite songs of all time.
If I listen to New Order - Regret, I am instantly vividly transported back to the pub garden in August, staring into my third pint of Lowenbrau, listening to the conversations knowing that this might be the last time I see some these guys again as we all went our separate ways to university. Every time I wear Eternity I am transported back to the 90s, vividly. Eternity and Calvin Klein were weird constants throughout the 90s for many of us but if someone stopped me from buying it tomorrow and I could not wear it at all I don't think I would miss it as much as the memory of CK One the same with that New Order song. In fact if I didn't hear that song again I'd be ok with that.
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2022.01.18 21:37 Mother_Bottle7096 Who should it use

It want an all around character who shoots 3s and dunnk
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