‘It’s out of everyone’s control’: Hockey teams ask CIHL to reconsider fines for COV... - Williams Lake Tribune

2022.01.18 22:45 WilliamsLakeNewsBot ‘It’s out of everyone’s control’: Hockey teams ask CIHL to reconsider fines for COV... - Williams Lake Tribune

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2022.01.18 22:45 Salade_de_poney [Help][PC] NG+ Four Kings

I wanted to kill them fairly early in the run to join the last covenant but they ROXX me... Way too hard ><
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2022.01.18 22:45 Koldonix The Real Deal About Saitama And Its 100x - 1000x Future!!

credit to aresna33 for this outstanding breakdown of what lies in store for Saitama, and why the prospect of this reaching 100x - 1000x this year grows closer by the day. Amazing work, man!
There are many moving parts, so it’s always tough to give a precise answeestimate (and there’s a bit of luck involved to be honest). But since the revolutionary product (Saitamask) is there (although it still needs to be fully operational/glitch-free) and that there is a long list of upcoming catalysts, it’s not totally impossible (listings might be needed to get there - it’s what helped Shib as an example):

  1. ⁠HUGE POTENTIAL RETURN (ON VARIOUS TIME FRAMES): Infancy stages of a crypto project, backed by a strong and growing community, with various real and tangible catalysts coming online soon, making the potential return on your investment enormous
  2. ⁠MAJOR LISTINGS ON PLATFORMS (COMING SOON): Potential platforms like Binance, CoinBase, Kucoin (despite having many of the requirements to be listed. THESE PLATFORMS WILL LIST WHEN THEY CHOOSE, so timing remains uncertain, but the rationale for listing it for them is there nonetheless)
• ⁠Component #1: Get 2% in reflections (rewards) on every single transaction being done = ~4 to 6% APR currently (varies according to the traded volume) • ⁠Component #2: SAITAMASK upcoming versions will also provide staking capability: 5% APR with the stable staking feature and a sliding scale staking Schedule giving you up to 6% after 180d • ⁠Combining the two components, reflections + staking, you can get up to 17% APR in passive income (4 to 6% + 5% + 6% = 15 to 17%) - you'll even get more when compounding is factored in
  1. ⁠POTENTIAL HYPER BURN MECHANISM: Saitama is a deflationary token, meaning that its supply is being burned with each transaction (2% burn on every transaction goes to a dead wallet, which in turns also get reflections - since the dead wallet currently represents ~56% of the total supply, the current total burn rate on every transaction is now almost 3.1% and increasing). As SAITAMA gains in popularity and becomes heavily traded due to 1) the various applications/utilities it provides as well as 2) the liquidity pool pairing for other tokens available on SAITAMASK, the circulating supply will likely significantly decrease in the coming months/years, which will increase the price of SAITAMA accordingly
  2. ⁠SAITAMA IS A LICENSED COMPANY IN THE US WITH A DOXXED TEAM: Managed just like a company, which differs from what we see in the traditional hype coin market. SAITAMA is professional entity with a real corporate structure and a doxxed team (7-core developers and ~100+ total employees)
  3. ⁠ACCESS TO VARIOUS PARTNERSHIPS: VISA (TBC) with SAITAMASK for the payment features, $50 mil partnership with Blazefire Games (4-year contract), $50 mil partnership with famous rapper (Willie D.), Mayweather Promotions (Gervonta Davis). More partnerships are currently being developed
  4. ⁠SAITAMASK APP BEING FULLY OPERATIONAL SOON: Despite facing some issues due to massive well-coordinated DoS attacks from external parties (speculation: competitors most likely to slow down the implementation), SAITAMASK will soon be widely deployed (speculation: which might be a requirement for platforms to list SAITAMA) and various applications/utilities (e.g., swaps, payments, staking, metaverse, gaming, market, education and many more) will be added along the way to make it a hub for crypto users and investors. The app has been independently certified by Certik, the leader in blockchain security
  5. ⁠PLAY-TO-EARN GAMING APPLICATIONS: Saitama Studios are currently working on 2 play-to-earn multiplayer action games - one of them being the highly anticipated "Wolf Caster 1992" that is currently being developed
  6. ⁠METAVERSE APPLICATIONS THROUGH SAITAMACITY: Metaverse will be an integral part of SAITAMA (which aims to become a top player in that space)
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2022.01.18 22:45 Asuka_Eurasian Weird things to stare at.

Weird things to stare at. Ah yes, hello, it is I, the Asuka.
I saw this somewhere (I don't remember where exactly) and this looked like very ... in the specter. Or so it seemd to me.

I'm sure it's not only men but still.
Can anyone else relate to this?
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2022.01.18 22:45 NWMadison Experience and advice for Konnected (Alarm)

I am looking at Konnected to either upgrade my current wired alarm setup (so I can see the sensors on SmartThings) or actually replace it with their motherboards.
My current alarm monitoring company that inherited my unit from the prior owner has very little understanding of zwave or home automation - so they are not much help.
Can you share what your experience with Konnected has been like? They seem like a solid company and a friend was very happy using them.
If I go with connected, can I add my own sensors (without paying $100s to the alarm monitoring company). Would the sensors have to be hard-wired or could they use zwave or some wireless protocol?
Are there monitoring companies that specialize in supporting Konnected alarms? Would it be reasonable for me to ask my alarm company to monitor it?
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2022.01.18 22:45 InsertFunnyNumber A Beach Inside an Office Building

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2022.01.18 22:45 SaintDuke8 Video - Richard Heart: The Bigger The Amount Sacrificed The Better The Price Performance

Thoughts? In a new stream, Richard Heart directly speaks to the concern of will Pulse/PulseX still pump high since they're starting with so much sacrificed. I'm still processing what he said and want to hear what everything else thinks.
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2022.01.18 22:45 Mooncalled04 [Pc][ps4][cross-play] Looking for a community that plays endgame? Indomitum may be right for you!

Clan Indomitum is looking for solid, experienced raiders to supplement an already solid core of players. More bluntly stated, we like to sweat all things PVE while having a good time with friends. We are active in all aspects of the game to include end game PVP content, but we are more focused on the PVE side.
If your passion is low Guardian raids, flawless activities, Grand Master nightfall’s, day one raids, speed runs, or other similar pursuits, then we’d love to hear from you!
Being sociable and responding to others is important for keeping things fresh and alive! Being active on discord is a requirement in the clan. While we are we started as a PS clan, we do have Guardians from each platform. Discord allows us to conversate across all platforms and helps us coordinate and talk while accomplishing content.
While we promote being sociable and have developed many friendships while playing the game, good-natured banter and needling are to be expected. Be a good Guardian to your fellow clanmates. We do not tolerate toxicity, racism, bullying, or derogatory comments. Simply put, be a good human.
Some minimum qualifications we will be looking for, but in no way should be considered as requirements for acceptance- Age 18 and over Any solo/flawless dungeons, low man raids, or flawless raids 1.5 kd in pvp (pvp mains only) Conqueror Seal, Fatebreaker Seal, or Rivensbane Seal
Please feel free to contact Mooncalled04#8582, Pixidoxical#8550, or VenomPunisher#2364 with your gamer tag on Discord if you’d like to arrange a meeting.
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2022.01.18 22:45 honestethicalgains How can I communicate and what should I cover when trying to get a salary increase higher then my supervisor?

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2022.01.18 22:45 AutoNewspaperAdmin [KR] - Young Schoolkids Dream of Being Athletes | Chosun Ilbo

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2022.01.18 22:45 PontiusPilot69 Best way to get a SIM card from Liberia Airport?

I will be heading to Tamarindo once I land. Do I need to take a bus to Liberia to get a SIM Card? Or can I find one in Tamarindo?
I heard it needs to be special stores that can activate it for tourists
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2022.01.18 22:45 SotoStan One of the best winners out here on Shark Tank!

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2022.01.18 22:45 rednessjfjdncbcb redness since removing actives from my routine

i recently removed most actives form my routine as my skin was stinging any time i put anything on it. the stinging has completely stopped but now my skin is really red in patches.
my routine used to be medik8 pore cleansing gel, salylic acid serum, alpha8 gold toner every second night, hyralonic serum, moisturiser
my routine is now the medik8 cleanser and moisturiser
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2022.01.18 22:45 Exastiken Inflation in Turkey is at a near two-decade high. Is it part of Erdogan's plan?

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2022.01.18 22:45 laura_laura_1 Puppy is the dunce of kindergarten

We arrive at the first day of training for this 4 month old lab mix, Sisko. The 3 other pups are little quiet angels, just sitting with their owners. Sisko crashes in barking up a storm, trying to get in everyone's face. BARK BARK BARK. Every other dog looks around at each other and at their humans like, "what is this monster going on about? was he raised in a barn?"
He barks so much he goes hoarse and needs some water. Then back to barking.
So embarrassing. I guess we'll be working on focusing with gradually increasing levels of distraction, and hope he can calm the F down for next week.
We get home and I know he must be exhausted from an hour of this performance. Try to make him nap in his crate...but he wants to do more barking, crying, moaning. Because he'd rather nap on the couch. And fart. Such a monster!! Good thing he's cute.
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2022.01.18 22:45 stormyy_divxne Can someone help me find a jacket like this? (Petite sizing but oversized)

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2022.01.18 22:45 Ember_69 [PS4 PRICE CHECK] just looking to see if I should scrip

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2022.01.18 22:45 Silamente [Homemade] Creamy potato soup.

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2022.01.18 22:45 FatherOfNyx Live tissue samples?

Do Lyme researchers ever look for live tissue samples? Or do they need to wait for someone to die to get brain cell samples and spinal samples?
Recently mentioned how I'd like to be a guinea pig for Lyme. How I'd be down with having some brain cells taken to be physically looked at.. or any tissue really. Anything but my eyes.. lol
If they're out there, how would one go about finding a researcher looking for tissue samples from a living person?
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2022.01.18 22:45 Tambov New user flairs check em out!

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2022.01.18 22:45 monkiich Made it 3 days, slipped up, back on the wagon Day 1

Hey all! Just wanted to introduce myself. I’m 25f, going through a divorce, recently went no contact with my mother, and I’m an alcoholic.
The most frustrating part about being an alcoholic for me is that no one around me believes me, and I really want them to. They tell me “you’re not an alcoholic, you’re supposed to drink in your 20s!” Or “if you were really an alcoholic, you would be doing x,y,z”. But I’ve been showing up to work drunk, hungover, drinking a pint of gin and blacking out just to fall asleep at night.
The eye opener for me was when I drank more than my normal pint, and decided to confront my whole family publicly on Facebook about abuse I went through as a child. Then, when I ran out of booze I freaked out and (this is according to my soon to be ex husband, I don’t remember) took off in my socks at 2am and tried to sleep in a park. When he brought me home, my husband said I took all the batteries out of the remotes and stole his Xbox controller, hit him a few times, then locked myself in the bathroom and threatened to hurt myself, then passed out.
When I turned 21, I had my first drink. I drank so hard I made a fool out of myself, and have basically been drink every day for the past 4 years since.
I made it 3 days sober this week. It was a little boring, and I gave in to my addiction and fell off the wagon last night. I’ve reset my clock tonight.
If you read this far, thank you. I just wanted my voice to be heard by people that will believe me.
TLDR: newly sober, introducing myself. 25f, back on the wagon.
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2022.01.18 22:45 TorinVanGram "All which see me are mine for the taking."

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2022.01.18 22:45 Gombajuice Stomp pad rec to fit aesthetic?

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2022.01.18 22:45 Emmy-LouSugarbean There you have it! Jenelle doesn’t have Covid because she never got tested to see if she had it. Makes sense! 🧐

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2022.01.18 22:45 tobyy42 Swollen battery, previous post was removed for “low effort”.. tf🤣

Idk how many of you guys will be able to answer this but I have an old iPhone 6 and the battery got all swollen up a couple of years ago and I’ve just dug it up and it’s perfectly fine now and not swollen at all, just got a cracked screen of course. Do you reckon it’s safe to charge up and try to recover my old stuff? Or will I burn my house down?
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