What paint color would you recommend for painting a green zero in?

2022.01.18 23:02 platypus178 What paint color would you recommend for painting a green zero in?

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2022.01.18 23:02 Sub_Sandwich_w-mayo Anyone know what the deal is with these hacked maps? I wonder what would happen if you got a kill 🤔

Anyone know what the deal is with these hacked maps? I wonder what would happen if you got a kill 🤔 submitted by Sub_Sandwich_w-mayo to Brawlstars [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 23:02 renderen Halo Artblast is live on Artstation!

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2022.01.18 23:02 AndrewABXD Wait you guys get creeps?

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2022.01.18 23:02 ForestofHuntedGhouls was anyone else diagnosed at a young age?

I'm starting to become more aware of what all it means, but I was 9 when I was diagnosed with schizotypal. I understand this rarely happens but I was wondering if anyone else shares this experience.
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2022.01.18 23:02 AML915 Clinical Experience when you have a full-time job?

Hiya guys, so I'll be applying in 2023, meaning I've still got some time, but not a ton, and my clinical experience is LACKINGGG. I think I have like 50 hours of shadowing, but I realize at this point what I really need is to volunteer clinically or work clinically... the only issue is I can't afford to take an axe to my financials to do it, basically, I can't give up my job and still be able to survive.
I'm willing to work with my employer and see if I could go into my job early/ get off early and maybe do something clinical after work, or maybe on sundays or something? I'm honestly not sure what I should do, does anyone have any good reqs of clinical experience that would fit within that?
I live in a town, not a city, so my options may be more limited, but I'm willing to look into anything. I've been looking around at my local hospital but mostly it looks like they're just looking for registered nurses to work full-time shifts.
Also, I know this question is really dumb but, what is a good amount of clinical hours for me to have (enough so that it is not a weak point/ point of question in my app)?
I have a 3.93 GPA, and have not yet taken the MCAT (idk if that matters in relation to this at all or not)
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2022.01.18 23:02 Toadmilk1337 There is this glitch with neon and the blast x specter (don’t know about the other skins) where if you are running and then buy the gun the wrapping doesn’t come off

There is this glitch with neon and the blast x specter (don’t know about the other skins) where if you are running and then buy the gun the wrapping doesn’t come off submitted by Toadmilk1337 to VALORANT [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 23:02 Super_Pay_592 How to clone someone’s voice with AI?

Hello everyone! I’m trying to clone Samuel L Jackson’s voice with AI for a project I’m working on. I’ve tried many softwares except all of them either have flaws or sound very robotic.
Here are the softwares I tried and what the problems with them were:
Descript: Must verify that the voice is your own
Resemble: Costs money to upload custom data
Real-Time-Voice-Cloning: doesn’t sound like real person at all
Replica Studios: can’t upload custom data
I found this YouTube channel recently: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCP2cNcC-2pqDRCFeFO4JLLw that makes parody videos by cloning a real YouTuber’s voice. How do they do it? If anyone could give any suggestions to software or websites that you can clone voices on, please comment them. Thank you.
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2022.01.18 23:02 Cumberlandbanjo Help forming an idea for a ministry

I have an idea for something that I think could be a pretty cool ministry within a church, but it not quite fully formed. I’m hoping some of y’all can some feedback and add your ideas or even tell me if you’ve been involved with something similar.
Basically, my idea is for a “creation ministry”. It would be focused on finding ways to understand, enjoy, and steward God’s creation of the natural environment. As someone with a love for the outdoors, a background in earth science, and who lives in a naturally beautiful place, this is an area of special interest for me. I find that in nature, the spiritual and physical tend to come together in a near sacramental way.
For the understanding part, I’m thinking something like a lecture series or maybe even short term Sunday school classes that look at the intersection of theology and science. Potential topics that I’ve thought of include how the natural world was formed and how we approach the story of creation, our responsibility for nature, how we have positively and negatively affected nature, environmental justice, and maybe even some just straight science.
For the enjoyment part, I’d love to organize outdoor events. My area is great for hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, and climbing. It would be cool to do a monthly or bimonthly excursion. I think this might have the added benefit of being appealing of a wide range of ages. My church has a bit of an age gap where there’s a bunch of young teens and a bunch of older middle age to really old folks with only a few in between. I’d love to see some older folks teaching the younger ones how to do some of these activities. Like wouldn’t it be cool for one of the old timers to teach a kid how to cast a fly line?
I also think it would be cool to sort of consecrate that time to be dedicated to God. Maybe start with a prayer and a quick talk about how God created nature for his glory and our enjoyment, so all the fun we will be having is dedicated to him. Then maybe cap the event off with an outdoor worship service.
And for the stewardship part, that would be putting it all into action. I’m thinking stuff like community clean up, advocacy, and addressing the needs of those who are being adversely affected by our poor care for the environment.
What do y’all think? Right now it’s kinda fuzzy, but if I can get a solid idea on it then I might eventually run it by one the pastors.
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2022.01.18 23:02 BookBackground7479 Vener pv mes amour

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2022.01.18 23:02 developbc BlackRock CEO Larry Fink calls decarbonizing economy the 'greatest investment opportunity of our lifetime'

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink calls decarbonizing economy the 'greatest investment opportunity of our lifetime' submitted by developbc to Pyrogenesis [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 23:02 Jetamors Northumberland authorities find body matching description of missing woman Ahrea’l Smith

Northumberland authorities find body matching description of missing woman Ahrea’l Smith submitted by Jetamors to MissingPersons [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 23:02 viewtoathrill Wong Fei Hung II: Nam yee tung chi keung (Once Upon a Time in China II, 1992)

2022: Movie #19 Watched January 16th As part of the Criterion Once Upon A Time in China The Complete Films Box Set (Spine 1103) IMDB Director: Hark Tsui Writer: Hark Tsui, Tin-suen Chan, Tan Cheung TSPDT: 3452
113 minutes. If Once Upon a Time in China dealt with modernization and the role for traditional martial arts within a changing China, the second entry takes a hard look at blind militant nationalism.
The movie opens with our hero, Wong Fei-Hung, on a train to Canton for a medical conference. There are some antics as he learns a bit more about Western cuisine and culture, and it seems that many of the themes from part 1 may reintroduce themselves here. I was nervous that they were going to paint the character of Wong Fei-Hung as a luddite that resists change, but luckily they took the series in a different direction.
Upon getting to Canton, the core group immediately runs into a militia group named White Lotus. It seems that White Lotus wants a wholesale rejection of the West and is willing to use any means necessary to push out external influences. Just one example is 13th Aunt, played with nice comedic timing from Rosamund Kwan, uses a camera to capture their ceremony and they spread lies that the fire is from the devil and she must be captured.
It was frustrating to watch this storyline of violent conservatives worshiping a false idol, and disappointing to start to understand this desire is endemic to human nature. I don’t have a greater point to make here, just that I wish it weren’t true.
That aside, the martial arts is strong here, and Jet Li really shows off at times. He is so incredibly operatic and graceful. His brand of on-screen martial arts is very soothing to watch, even though he is moving quickly it never feels frenetic and I get the impression he is in total control of his muscles.
This second film was about as good as I remembered, possibly a little more silly. The series is still a great watch, and I am glad these have all been so lovingly preserved.
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2022.01.18 23:02 16SometimesPregnant Follow up Advice Needed to unpaid holiday time

Hi All… I really appreciated everyone’s help and input on my initial post about MB telling me I didn’t qualify for holiday pay until two weeks after she told me to take time off for the holiday….
Well today, I went to follow up with her today, thinking maybe she “took care of it” or would simply cut me a check…. And she doubled back with citing HR’s policy of me being “too new” in the “company” to qualify for paid time off (THAT SHE TOLD ME TO TAKE).
What do I do here ? I already messaged her this : “….Yes, I was with the understanding that it would be a paid week, as that was discussed when I was hired along with your advisement to have that holiday time off. Being that I was not alerted that I did not qualify until much after the fact, I have structured and budgeted my finances around the expectation of receiving a full paycheck.”
And she just said “I understand. The thing is that our company is closed btw Christmas and NYE, this should be in your work contract. Ppl who qualify for PTO have to take their PTO during that week. I’ll check the details of your contract tomorrow, I don’t have access to it.”
WHAT THE FFFFFFFFFF is this ?! She owns a 65million dollar company but is doing this to the person who cares for her child ????
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2022.01.18 23:02 GiftSuperb How come breakfast is often seen as the least important meal of the day, and consists of desserts in America?

I’m an American, but I find it weird how most breakfasts are pancakes, or waffles, or some sort of sweet, sugary thing. Breakfast is also seen as the least important meal, get coffee and go to work. My dad grew up in Israel and whenever we visit breakfast usually consists of: Jachnun (cooked the day before) hard boiled eggs, salads, shakshuka, lots of dips and soft cheese. These are foods that take a lot of effort and time, with some taking over 12 hours. Dinner would always be something small. This also happens throughout the world, in Japan breakfast can consist of rice and protein-fish usually, and this is what some Americans might call a lunch and dinner. But why?
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2022.01.18 23:02 AaronTheSpeaker Saturday Jan 29th - Comedy Show in Coral Gables

My name is Aaron, I am a local stand up comedian and show producer. I wanted to let the community know about a great show I am producing in Coral Gables, Florida at Bay 13 Brewery and Kitchen.
Link to Eventbrite
I worked hard to make sure my shows are fun, the food is great, and drinks are cold.
Want something different to do in Miami, come check out a show.
Can't make it, no stress, there is always another show :)

View Poll
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2022.01.18 23:02 cnotethegoat123 Active Episode Discussion for “New Tech” (Ep. 4) in r/AbbottElementaryFans

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2022.01.18 23:02 nil_e93 Not pedestrian friendly

It's nearly every day that I'm almost getting hit by a car at King and Olentangy, when I'm going to and from work and crossing that intersection when I have clear right of way. That and lack of proper sidewalks over there (and in plenty of other areas that aren't North High lmao). During the day, the night, doesn't matter. Bound to be an asshole or three who don't give a sh*t.
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2022.01.18 23:02 ComprehensiveAd2570 My mom makes me feel like garbage and I do not know what to do.

Im 18 years old with seperated parents and a younger brother who has autism and adhd and Is basically like a 2 year old. Because my parents are seperated and they have to take care of my brother they haven’t had alot of time for me and that im fine with but the thing Is my mom does not know how to handle It. And I think thanks to them seperating and dad finding a new girlfriend she got jelous of him.
But the thing Is that she takes It all out on me, Im basically her punching bag whenever she feels stressed or she feels bad about her self. She tells me Im useless and tries to manipulate me so much i can’t even tell what Is true and false about myself anymore. Day in and day out she throws these little hints at me that Im a loser and worthless. And often when she drinks It gets alot worse, then she can tell me that my whole family hates me and that I will be alone If i do not change but she never says what to change.
Now I barely go to school and have a hard time doing anything. It’s been going on for 3 years now and gets worse. I’ve spoken to my dad and he tries his best to help but Im still completely stuck and don’t know what to do. It is difficult cause I want my mom in my life but at the same time every time I confront her she just says that im the problem everytime and actually manipulates me to belive It. And now It is at the point that I feel like I have to break all contact with her but how can I even do It, I mean she Is still my mom. If any of you gone thru something similar or just have any advice please give It cause im at my end here and have no idea what to do.
And sorry If some gramar Is wrong im not the best at english.
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2022.01.18 23:02 MiraclelovesSaige Is Spencer a good or bad friend to Hanna after dating Caleb? Because I remember when Wren tried to make a pass at Hanna and she said no because she’s Spencer’s friend.

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2022.01.18 23:02 Childofthemoon22 Blu Ray frame skipping???

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2022.01.18 23:02 Nursingprofessor [Hire Me] A Nursing Assignment Writer For All Your Clinical Papers, NCLEX, Essays and Research Papers. Confidentiality and Quality Guaranteed. Email at Nursingprofessor001@gmail.com and nursingpro#1017. (10% Off on your FIRST ORDER)

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2022.01.18 23:02 Valsholly This vehicle is worth more than my KCK house!

I confess I did not realize that the UG routinely buys a vehicle for the mayor, but damn! Could this choice be more tone deaf?
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2022.01.18 23:02 poggers_annette Wfl? ^^

Me: Chroma tides, laser, and darkbringer Them: Mcn in rh
View Poll
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