He sported this perfect blep for a good hour . #CatsOfTwitter #cute

2021.11.29 09:28 butterjack He sported this perfect blep for a good hour . #CatsOfTwitter #cute

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2021.11.29 09:28 imjustlivingmylife do women ever have a desire to swallow/ taste cum?

i know some women dont mind the taste but im talking about actually want to taste. not just indifferent towards it.
for me (m) i enjoy going down on my partner (f) and like the process. sometimes there is a desire (or craving) to go down because of taste alone. not often, but i enjoy it and im definitely not disgusted by it. does the same apply to women, if they have a partner that they have good sexual chemistry with, do they ever just want some cum?
im not sure if this applies to gay couples, but any feedback is welcomed.
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2021.11.29 09:28 RuRahKillER22 What do you think about this pc? I am trying to figure out how much to sell for!

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2021.11.29 09:28 yyzworker Suspicious drug linked to 2 overdose deaths, Toronto police say

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2021.11.29 09:28 cbvv1992 🔥50% Off Code – $6.99 Selfie Light Rechargeable Portable Clip-on LED Selfie Fill Ring Light 3-Level Brightness (2 colors)

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2021.11.29 09:28 Nico1455XL I wisch they would stay so small.

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2021.11.29 09:28 TELMxWILSON [Drum & Bass] All fresh DnB releases listed. With Reviews, Recommendations & Links

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2021.11.29 09:28 Erdzio Bug cause?

So, we got (again) a bug when my friend picked Ragnaros for qm, and in the match he got D.Va. Everything from the loadout was taken from his Rag tho (even the quotation). I got same bug some time back, when playing some healers (Got Rehgar after picking Alexstrasza). So my question is, what is the cause of the bug? We'd like to try and avoid it, if possible (and maybe share the knowledge with people saying "it's not the hero I chose, AFK).
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2021.11.29 09:28 FDGodd What were birds thought to have came from?

As we know today, birds came from dinosaurs. But I'm curious what we used to thought they came from
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2021.11.29 09:28 Woingespottel Nothing to add

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2021.11.29 09:28 Optimal-Geologist-84 HELP!!! It’s spreading to all my plants and I would be great full of anyone can provide any insights into this! TIA!

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2021.11.29 09:28 TiffanyFu123 Busan 305

Has anyone taken busan 305? How was it? The lecturers, tutors, workload….
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2021.11.29 09:28 Cyberpunk-News Science is the only path to enlightenment, abundance and prosperity!

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2021.11.29 09:28 shazbaz The Rittenhouse case was huge.

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2021.11.29 09:28 LeagueOfBard New loading screen. "I was saving you. I only wanted to help, I only wanted to help. I only wanted to help." - Powder.

New loading screen. New loading screen tooltip. Riot games, you are on thin fucking ice. THIS. ICE. BEHAVE YOURSELF IMMEDIATELY.
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2021.11.29 09:28 Schmalissa ELI5: Why is the US gov always on the verge of shutting down unless a certain bill is passed? It seems inefficient?

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2021.11.29 09:28 Papa_is_Here_ How is my bulk going?

I've started seriously going to the gym again since lockdown. I've been going for about 8 months on a PPL split. I've went from 80-90kg (about 1.5kg, or 3.3lbs per month), I just had my body fat % test and it came to 20%. I'm 6"1 if that matters.
My plan is to keep bulking until January then go into a calorie deficit, I just want to know if any of you have experience with when the right time to go on a cut is? Thanks!
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2021.11.29 09:28 CreweNewsBot 'They can see it': Dave Artell verdict as Crewe Alex defeat at Ipswich gives food for thought

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2021.11.29 09:28 matias2028 A parody of the box scene from Madagascar 1 set during the 8th episode of the 3rd season of Flash

Barry, Oliver, Kara and Cisco are in an alien spaceship
Kara: I don't want to get killed by aliens! I don't want to get killed by aliens!
Cisco: Easy Kara. We're gonna be fine. We're gonna be super fine
Barry: no Cisco. We're not gonna be super fine. And now because of you the world is basically gonna die!
Cisco: because of me? I fail to see how this is my fault
Oliver: You're kidding right Cisco?
Barry: You! You made the Legends be angry at me! You forced me to reveal my future message! You had no right to tell them! [He starts to mock Cisco] "I'm Cisco Ramón! I'm Cisco Ramón! I love blaming Barry Allen for my brother's death even though he didn't kill him on purpose!" [He returns to his normal voice] oh come on!
Cisco: Hey hey! That doesn't mean you didn't do anything wrong! Does it?!
Kara: he does have a point
Barry: what?!
Kara: You did change the timeline on purpose so...
Barry: Kara you shut up! You never said I was wrong for changing the timeline in the 1st place!
Oliver: Barry leave Kara out of this please
Kara: thanks Oliver. Besides Barry you were wrong for changing the timeline
Oliver: Kara shut up. [He notices his bow and arrows are gone] ugh! Did anybody lose their weapons?
Kara: I lost mine
Barry: Kara you don't have any weapons
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2021.11.29 09:28 TechnicalQuote7733 weird relationship question

Ok, I’ve been with this guy for almost 3 years now. I just barely noticed the condoms I got for us, aren’t there at his place anymore and I didn’t bring them home and we haven’t used them…. Yesterday, I straight up asked him what happened to them and he said he used them on himself for the lube…………. I want to believe him but I just don’t. So guy’s of Reddit, would you use a condom on yourself for the lube?
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2021.11.29 09:28 garr112233 $VOM Vikings on the Moon 💎| Fair Launch 2 Days Ago 🚀 Reflection Token | 25K Mcap 🔥| Big Marketing

$VOM is a reflection token.

Perhaps, Vikings didn't sail to the Moon, sailed from the Moon. Couldn't know it until we go ! "Let's hold $VOM for a trip to the Moon."




Verified Contract: https://bscscan.com/address/0x9b1d16f77cd5f2217f5261532b56729976879176

Liquidity Locked Forever: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xa8505996688188c5b8de0b9b3ba55e16c90a0a49dc8c159e752643b797b61559

Our work on further project development continues. For this reason, you will wait a little longer for the Moonpaper. Our current plans are as follows;

-Game: You are a Viking character and trying to go from the Moon to the World. What difficulties might you encounter? Imagine competing with other players and getting a prize?

-Custom Swap: You won't need the Pancakeswap to trade.

-NFT: We will develop a new token project. Owners of this token will be able to give their token and receive their $VOM NFT in return.

Stay tuned for further information.

Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 $VOM

%45 Burn Wallet / %50 Liquidity Wallet / %5 Shilling Reward

Tax: %11

$VOM Reflection: %2 - auto distribute to all holders

Liquidity Fee: %5 - auto add to the liquidity pool to locked forever

Marketing Fee: %4 - auto moved to marketing wallet

Antibot Measure%2 Max Wallet%1.25 Max Transaction

All liquidity will be sent to Burn Address after added.

After marketing we will set all taxes again and we will transfer the ownership to black hole.Taxes will be as follows;

Tax: %5

%2 $VOM Reflection

%3 Liquidity Fee

2 people will be awarded $100 per person for a total of $200.


People are wondering when the shilling contest will end. The contest will end 1 week after launch. When it's over, 25% will be paid to the top 10 competitors, as we have shared before. You can read the pinned messages on Telegram to participate in the competition.
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2021.11.29 09:28 kaanorkun 'Tricky' change that cost Jack Doohan an F3 title

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2021.11.29 09:28 SkyfoxGamingDE Was haltet ihr von Restaurierten Autos ?

View Poll
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2021.11.29 09:28 JamesReesF1 Interview with India Wrestling goddess Ritu Phogat

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2021.11.29 09:28 Lamentabletwosetter ;

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