Holiday Green Glitter Glam Makeup

Save money with these best non-toxic makeup brands that you can buy in a drugstore. Safe beauty products without a high price tag and easy to find! 47 Best Non-Toxic Makeup Brands at the Drugstore 2021: Eye Shadow, Mascara, Liner - Get Green Be Well See makeup for sensitive eyes Naturally free from... Our natural make-up is naturally free from parabens, petrochemicals, talc, alcohol, carmine and unnecessary artificial chemicals. We do not use any pore-clogging or irritating ingredients so it is suitable for sensitive skin and skin prone to acne, eczema or psoriasis. ... Green People has ... Expert Wear Eyeshadow, Eye Makeup by Maybelline. Long lasting eyeshadow colors to mix and match to create your favorite eye makeup looks that will last all day. PFAS, short for perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, also known as “forever chemicals,” are chemicals that are not able to safely break down in the environment, as explained by Scientific American.. When PFAS enter human bodies, animal bodies, and the environment — which can happen via everything from water to breast milk to makeup to cookware — they can persist there for ... Banish shine and excess oil with NYX Professional Green Tea Face Blotting Paper. This game changing fan-fave comes with 100 sheets of 100 percent pure pulpate paper. Even skin tone and control shine with just one swipe of these oil absorbing blotting papers and keep your makeup matte without adding color. Makeup from Omiana is always vegan and cruelty-free, but the cosmetics company also has a makeup line that is explicitly free of mica and titanium dioxide. The mica-free line includes everything from vegan cream eyeliner and shadows to strong-hold mascara, lipstick, bronzer, and even vegan makeup primer and finishing powder. Shop Farmacy’s Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm at Sephora. A makeup remover and face cleanser that melts virtually all makeup. Discover our consciously curated selection of natural & organic skincare, makeup, hair care & body care for your health & wellness. Shop your favorite brands like Ilia, Tata Harper, Marie Veronique, Osea, & Innersense Organic Beauty. Join Grow to Glow, the best rewards program in green beauty, get up to 10% off. Every makeup bag needs the right neutral eye shadow, and for women with green eyes, makeup artist Erica Whelan swears by taupe. "The warmer undertones are more flattering than ashy brown," she said. Use this free makeup bag pattern and make a beautiful cosmetic bag.This is a beginner sewing project with a free template you can use to make a bag with 4 small internal slip pockets and a decently sized main compartment - an easy and simple design you can make fit any style.Use the free template in the post, and my other tutorial on making a zipper tab, to make sewing even easier!

2021.12.08 15:54 _above_the_fold Holiday Green Glitter Glam Makeup

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2021.12.08 15:54 crytoloover Our Trio is looking good #ROSE #TLM #CARR

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2021.12.08 15:54 MayhemT30 LF Offers

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2021.12.08 15:54 Albamen13 Let's goooo

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2021.12.08 15:54 Financial_Tie_5446 A scenario that I came up with (I'm completely new)

So I'm planning a game next Saturday and I have never played Dnd before, so I came up with an idea. (Idk if this the right tag, I'm sorry if it's not) A big war broke out between the humans and the different races. The humans are nearly about to win, so the races gather and decide to send a group of adventurers to the island of Helgenmeer, because there lies the capital city of the humans and that's also the place where the king of the humans, King Deeagar, lives. They want to get an holy artifact, that will bring peace and ruin about the humans. So the group meet each other the first time at the boat which is supposed to bring them to the island. The boat is managed by an old dwarf, who tells them everything they have to know and many more things. They arrive and at this point the adventure begins.
I also plan on using an antagonist who is known as the Drachentöter (Dragonhunter). He is so strong that the group gets extremely harmed the first time they meet him. He will appear from time to time and you never know when he will find you. Thanks to all that will give me a review in advance. If you think that I will have problems telling this story then please let me know. Thanks again :)
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2021.12.08 15:54 jessica_byerly Homegoods Question

My daughter is starting a job at Homegoods this week. Is there an online portal where they can put in there and see their schedule? We live 45 minutes from the store, so it is not like she can drop in and check?
Also, do they post their schedules one to two weeks in advance?
Is there a place where she can update her availability? She is a college student and is off now for a break but come January her schedule will change?
Any advice is welcome!
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2021.12.08 15:54 Jayrawd48 Every neighborhood should have a corner store—but can't

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2021.12.08 15:54 CardboardSoyuz Looking for a source of custom confetti

I'm just starting to make dice -- nothing I'm ready to show off yet -- but I'm looking for a source of custom confetti (or a suggestion to make it). My friend has a company with a distinctive "D" as its logo and he's a D&D player, too, and wanted to see about getting some confetti made in the shape of his logo and floating it in the dice. Anyone sourced this?
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2021.12.08 15:54 raahiv [Chris Haynes] Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard underwent a cortisone injection procedure to the abdominal and could return to action as early as Sunday, league sources tell @YahooSports.

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2021.12.08 15:54 softestfern my coat button looks like my dogs eye

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2021.12.08 15:54 Hurlumhejgirl_54 Gossipgrupper?

Kender I til nogle andre gossipgrupper end denne? Jeg kender godt gossipdk. Jeg søger noget rigtig juicy shit! Hit me! 😁
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2021.12.08 15:54 imnocrook Am I a bad friend?

Some of my girlfriends and I were just out sitting in my friend Sophias car. After talking for a bit (yes we were just having a car talk) Sophia gets on her phone and is clearly distracted by her boyfriend and can’t really listen to us. One of the two other girls in the car said, “What does [Sophias boyfriend] look like? Is he cute?” and Sophia doesn’t hear her, so she isn’t responding.
I know her boyfriend as they’ve been dating for a long while now, him and I are friends. I decided to respond for her, “Yea, he’s a cutie pie, and he has big blue eyes!”
I didn’t think anything of this. I was stating an obvious… he is objectively an attractive man and, in fact, has big blue eyes.
Sophias head immediately shot up and she said, “What? WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY ABOUT [boyfriend]”. Oh shit. I tickled the bull man. “Soph I was just saying that your boyfriend is cute, I’m not trying to take him home,” I respond confidently and truthfully. Just because I say your boyfriend is attractive doesn’t mean I’m trying to have sex with him, that’s ridiculous and stupid to think.
She started to progress into a minor anxiety attack. She told me that it’s hard for her boyfriend and her best friend be the “same person”. It makes sense that she’s thought this because I think the same thing. Her boyfriend and I are identical twins but girl/boy. We have the same name, same interests, beliefs and opinions. It’s weird, but I don’t even think twice on it because to me, it’s like I have found my long lost twin. Him and I are similar in appearance as well, as I too have big blue eyes and some other mirroring qualities. Moral of my pov: I don’t like him. He’s literally like my sibling. Even if I met him outside of being my friends boyfriend, I would still think the same way, that him and I are soul siblings.
It’s not even that we hangout or anything. I’m only around him when I’m third wheeling them, and Sophia has a lot of mental health issues so when I’m around the two of them, sometimes they bring up a problem they’re having and I mediate. (Naturally am a person that people confide in, with them I tend to be a relationship therapist). But she doesn’t like the mediate side of my words. The pure fact that I can see his side of things makes her mad. I defend the both of them but she takes it personally when I try to share why he might do something she doesn’t like. I do this with EVERYBODY. That is what a mediator does!
She brought this up when she was having a minor anxiety attack, after saying we were the same person, she said that she feels like I defend him because I like him.
I find this frustrating, as they always bring me into their bs, which I don’t even mind because I want to help them not be toxic. But now finding out that she for some reason thinks I’m a threat? What the heck man?
I don’t really know what to think because I never saw it this way. I explained to her that her boyfriend and I have nothing going on and on my half I have no interest in him. She calmed down and said sorry and thank you for listening, which made me sad because she has been thinking about this for a while.
I feel bad, I initially thought “Holy shit, Sophia stop being so dramatic, all I did was call him cute.” but now knowing that it was something deeper and she’s effected by my actions really bothers me. I don’t want to hangout with them anymore if this is how she feels, and I feel awful that I was a reason that she feels insecure. I want to know if I should have known better, am I a bad friend?
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2021.12.08 15:54 bompGobrr Thunderstorm not working

I just updated my mod to the newest patch ( I think) and I just got the Thunderstorm from storm weaver on malice. I used it pre patch, just on 1.5.0, and it was working fine, but I updated because the malice DR thing was making destroyer immortal, and it no longer summons the rain on hit. Is this intentional? (Idk why it would be, the wep was balanced and wiki says its on contact with enemies)
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2021.12.08 15:54 Timmy_2shortt Failed Fe electrical exam

I recently took the exam and just got the result today and I failed. There were a lot of conceptual questions , especially the second part of the exam. A bulk of questions that I thought I knew ( like power systems, and digital logics) , they asked in a way where I don’t know how to solve for the answer. The ncees practice exam did not reflect the actual exam at all, at least not for me.
The experience was horrible, the second half is just whether you know it or not , the computer section really got me.
I’m a little disappointed , but I will continue to study up
Any suggestions ?
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2021.12.08 15:54 DizzyMajor5 playlist for playlist? will run in full
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2021.12.08 15:54 hsmm877 Song recommendations for commemorating grandmother. She recently passed away.

Hello, I'm a fellow Iranian American and my grandmother just passed away. I am looking for a Persian song that can be used as a memento for her.
I would
I am a fan of classic Iranian artists like Kourosh Yaghmaei, Googoosh, and Darioush. A lot of persian songs I know are mainly about love or heart break but I would prefer a song that have lyrics describing the qualities of a kind/loving person, how they aren't around anymore, generally a positive light on a special person however I'll take any recommendations.
Thank you for your help.
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2021.12.08 15:54 notsmartprivate An Analysis of /r/CFB's Ability to Predict Game Outcomes

Throughout the season, /CFB users have been voting on matchups in the various weekly Preview Threads, and results are compiled by RivalryBot before the start of each game. I'm here to deliver to you the results of how the community voted.
DISCLAIMER: I am very aware that a lot of the votes in the Preview Threads are meme votes (looking at you, 97 voters for New Mexico State over Alabama). I also just don't care, and still think it's fun to look at.
For the sake of sample size, I only included games that recieved at least 20 total votes.
Overall Record: 260-121 (68%)

Week Record Pct
0 4-1 80%
1 30-7 81%
2 25-11 69%
3 20-10 67%
4 22-11 67%
5 17-13 57%
6 16-8 67%
7 13-7 65%
8 16-7 70%
9 20-8 71%
10 19-9 68%
11 17-11 61%
12 22-2 92%
13 15-11 58%
14 4-5 44%
I also measured the level of confidence voters had in each matchup. To do this, I took the difference in the percentage of votes for each team. For example, if out of 100 votes Florida got 60 (60%) and Miami got 40 (40%), I considered the voters 20% confident that Florida would win. If Florida got 90 and Miami got 10, I considered voters 80% confident. If the votes were tied, voters were 0% confident. The idea is that the more confident the voters were, the more accurate they should be.
I took that data and looked at how accurate voters were at different confidence levels. The (min) columns are the record and percentage when voters were at least that confident. The (interval) columns are records within the 10% interval (e.g. 0%-10%, 10%-20%, etc).
Confidence Record
Confidence Record (min) Pct (min) Record (interval) Pct (interval)
0% 260-121 68% 14-27 34%
10% 246-94 72% 22-20 52%
20% 244-74 75% 26-19 58%
30% 198-55 78% 29-9 76%
40% 169-46 79% 31-13 70%
50% 138-33 81% 37-13 74%
60% 101-20 83% 32-7 82%
70% 69-13 84% 25-7 78%
80% 44-6 88% 32-4 89%
90% 12-2 86% 6-1 86%
100% 6-1 86% 6-1 86%
The only game that voters were 100% confident on and incorrect was this beauty:
/CFB Gambling Fund I decided that hey, hitting 68% of games correctly is pretty good. Sports gambling has managed to seep its dirty fingers into our otherwise wholesome and sportsmanlike game, how can we profit off our accuracy?
Spoiler Alert:We can't
Using this source, I got the money line odds for each game and simulated putting $10 on every team that got the most votes. The results?
After betting $10 on all 381 games, we finished with a staggering -$34.10 Ok ok but we should scale our bets by how confident we are right? Sure we can put $10 on a game we're 100% sure about, but let's only put $5 on a game we're only 50% sure about, or $3.25 on a game we're 32.5% sure about.
After scaling our $10 bets to how confident we were on each game, we mitigated our losses to only -$13.72 In fact, the only reason we're even close to breaking even is because of one game in particular. The greatest game to grace the field this year: Kansas vs Texas. 49 prophets of the college gridiron forsaw the heavy underdog (+2500) Jayhawks overcoming the Longhorns, and outvoted the 30 Texas shills to cut our season's losses with a whopping $250 check ($60.13 scaled). For an exercise in deduction, see if you can point out where Kansas touched Texas on the graph.
Accuracy Most Accurate Teams (min 6 appearances) Cincinnati: 13/13 accurate votes (100%)
Notre Dame: 11/11 accurate votes (100%)
Rutgers: 8/8 accurate votes (100%)
Indiana: 7/7 accurate votes (100%)
Least Accurate Teams (min 6 appearances) UNC: 2/9 accurate votes (22%)
Mississippi State: 2/8 accurate votes (25%)
NC State: 3/9 accurate votes (33%)
Appalachian State: 2/6 accurate votes (33%)
North Carolina is a hub of chaos and letdowns
Respect Most Deserved Respect Cincinnati: Correctly voted as winner on all 13 appearances
Most Undeserved Respect UNC: Incorrectly voted as winner in 5 games (55% of appearances)
Most Deserved Disrespect Indiana: Correctly voted as loser in 6 games (85% of appearances)
Most Undeserved Disrespect Ole Miss: Incorrectly voted as loser in 6 games (60% of appearances)
Highest Vote Counts
Rank Votes For Votes Against Ratio*
1 Georgia (909) Iowa (526) BYU (3.29)
2 Michigan (772) Alabama (446) Ohio State (2.70)
3 Ohio State (766) Nebraska (433) Cincinnati (2.46)
4 Iowa (597) Michigan (432) Georgia (2.29)
5 Penn State (535) Texas (406) Wake Forest (2.19)
*Ratio is Votes FoVotes Against, minimum of 6 appearances
Personal Favorite Votes Conclusion Don't put any stake into the prediction ability of /CFB
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2021.12.08 15:54 TaxidermistJoe Why do phones always connect faster than a computer to a bluetooth device?

For example: every bluetooth device I’ve ever owned, if it’s connected to both my laptop and phone, connects to my phone instead of my laptop when I’m at my desk/within the vicinity of both devices. Is this just due to most phones having better bluetooth hardware than pcs?
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2021.12.08 15:54 weegingergirl Missing summer a little [F22]

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2021.12.08 15:54 Confident__Loss Any1 have 98 pele for anything here, swipe

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2021.12.08 15:54 CSedu What oil can I put in my 2018?

I know it takes 0w16, but I'm not sure how important it is to match that. Is 0w20 ok? My closest oil change place doesn't carry 0w16 so I would probably have to bring it in from somewhere, which may be a hassle..
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